Roland TD-17KVX2S Electronic Drum Set


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Roland TD-17KVX2S Electronic Drum Set

The new V-Drums TD-17 range allows you to put all aspects of your technique to work, and to benefit from work tools that will enable you to go even further.
The new TD-17 tone generator, sensitive Mesh skin pads, and new slim cymbals provide a high-end experience, incredibly close to playing on an acoustic drum kit. Built-in coaching functions allow you to evaluate your technique, measure your progress and increase your desire to play.
With the TD-17 range, you’ll become a better drummer much faster than you ever imagined.

Become a better drummer faster
If drumming is more than a hobby for you, you need a kit that will help you reach your peak. The V-Drums TD-17 range is the ideal kit for many drummers, thanks to its unbeatable combination of excellent quality, high-end sounds and practical configurations.

Play with your band, wherever they are.
If you’re in a band, you know that getting all the members together for a rehearsal is no easy task. What if, instead of travelling to a rehearsal, you rehearsed at home? Work on your drum parts every day, playing your final tracks, demos and playbacks, streamed from your smartphone. When you return to rehearsal, you’ll be more than ready.

Record. Just listen. Make progress.
Replaying what you’ve just played is a great way to improve. That’s why the TD-17 has a built-in recorder that lets you listen to what you’ve played, often very different from what you think you’ve played. Record your solo parts, or play on TD-17 demo tracks, audio saved on SD card, or streamed from your smartphone. In addition to self-assessment, it’s an easy way to get high-quality audio for your own YouTube videos.

The essential tool for improving your game
Remember, a drummer must be able to hold a tempo before he can play complicated rhythmic figures. Working on tempo can also be very exciting, as it builds the foundations that will make you grow as a musician. The TD-17 module features a Coach mode designed to improve your technique through daily exercises, plus progress tracking to motivate you to work regularly. Warm up with Warm-Ups, develop your sense of groove, tempo and placement, and even work on your regularity.

Highlights :

– Develop mastery of strikes and correct playing techniques thanks to the PDX-12 12-inch snare drum with double Mesh skin
– The 12-inch V-Hi-Hat* VH-10 hi-hat is mounted on an acoustic hi-hat stand for precise placement and expressive playing.
– Enhanced TD-17 sound module with new kits, more effects, compression/reverb sections, and rich, dynamic, natural drum sounds
– Choose from 70 premium preset kits, including 20 new kits filled with special samples
– Learn expressive footwork techniques with the KD-10 bass drum pad
– The 12-inch Crash CY-12C-T cymbal and the slimline 14-inch Ride CY-14R-T cymbal provide natural feel and realistic movement.
– 10-inch PDX-8 tom pads with Mesh skin and dual skin/circle detection
– Add external pads and triggers to expand your kit
– Improve your sense of tempo with Coach mode’s Time Check and Quiet Count exercises
– The WarmUp menu offers daily warm-up exercises to help you progress.
– Adjust the ambience effect and reverb of each kit to suit the acoustics of the desired concert hall
– Customize preset kits for the sounds of your dreams
– Import your own percussion samples to combine and overlay with internal V-Drums sounds
– Play audio of your favorite tracks and video tutorials, wirelessly streamed from a smartphone to the module, via Bluetooth® audio
– Expand your playing and precision with the free Melodics software for V-Drums, available for MacOS and Windows.
– Find new ideas with sounds, samples and Artist kits from Roland Cloud
* Charleston V-Hi-Hat VH-10 only included in kit TD-17KVX2.

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