Architectural interior and exterior lighting services par excellence for the entire Eastern Quebec region.

Rivière-du-Loup, Rimouski, Bas Saint-Laurent and elsewhere in Quebec.

Service d’éclairage architectural

At Métronomie, when we talk to our customers about architectural or domestic lighting, we explain that the lighting concept goes beyond simply installing luminaires. It includes a very broad conception of the space/light relationship that creates unconscious and emotional effects. Our aim is to enhance the existing beauty of the complex and the unique features of each property to create a living environment using carefully designed, light-filled spaces.

All-in-one service

Constantly on the lookout for solutions that combine aesthetics, technology and innovation, our development has enabled us to create a range divided by application, always with an eye to design. Our qualified and enthusiastic staff will provide you with all the technical advice you need, from lighting rendering to installation.



Enhance the appearance of your buildings by adding light. A team of architectural lighting professionals will make you a proposal. The result is sure to be noticed. Do you have a project to illuminate a building or would you like a made-to-measure lighting plan? We can provide all types of lighting.

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Ambient lighting

This light tends to make the whole fireplace brighter. These are usually outdoor wall lights or floor lamps. Ambient light is also known as general light, which produces a good level of brightness without burning. The visual and emotional impact that architectural lighting can have is undeniable.

The outdoor lighting system, halogen or LED, enhances the beauty of the location or certain aspects of your home or property, such as a statue or fountain.

Outdoor lighting for your garden

The outside of your home is now seen as an extension of your home, a real additional living space. Landscape architects offer you quality projects and have undeniably become the architects of the outdoors. It’s up to you to make the most of your terrace, pathways and stairs, greenery, swimming pool or exterior façade.

Lighting your exterior façade

The play of light on your exterior façade can also have the best effect. Make your front door a different kind of welcome in your neighbourhood… add lighting between your door, window and bay window… get a dual-beam wall lighting system… highlight the siding you particularly like… bring out the size of your home…

It’s also a decorative element that’s being used more and more, offering a creative outlet that often distinguishes one company from another. Architectural lighting can be both interior and exterior. Designed to improve the structure and geometry of your rooms and furniture, your building or your home. You can enjoy the return of comfort and conviviality thanks to the environment that you create according to your tastes and desires.

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Jerome Frederic Bouchard

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