Métronomie is the audio-visual equipment rental shop of choice for Eastern Quebec.

Rivière-du-Loup, Rimouski, Bas Saint-Laurent and elsewhere in Quebec.

Audiovisual Equipment Rental Service

Audiovisual equipment undeniably contributes to the success of an event. Various materials and techniques are then used to convey sounds and images to give your celebration a touch of originality. Métronomie offers audiovisual equipment rental services in Rimouski and throughout the Bas-Saint-Laurent region to personalize your party and give your guests an unforgettable experience.

All-in-one service

We offer customised solutions that are perfectly adapted to our customers’ needs. Whether it’s a business conference, a press conference, a fashion show, a film or a reception, we innovate with themes, sets and lighting to create an atmosphere full of magic and wonder.

Our service includes presentation equipment, sound systems, video projectors, screens and the hire of several sound systems and much more.

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Screen and projector hire

The screen and projector play a central role in audiovisual broadcasts during the celebration.

Whether you’re organising a wedding, a family event or a prom. It allows you to broadcast a video directly linked to the event. It could be a professional presentation or simply a special film that tells a particular story. The screen can also be used to broadcast highlights of the festivities in real time.

Sound system hire

A good sound system certainly contributes to the success of an event. The equipment is used for entertainment and background music. The specifics of the equipment must take into account the size of the reception room and the number of guests.

The equipment needed includes a PA system, screens, microphones, amplifiers, musical instruments and loudspeakers. It all depends on the organiser’s needs.

Lighting hire

The lighting creates a holiday atmosphere and takes customers into a world of light. Métronomie borrows various lighting effects, so you can enjoy countless lighting effects to suit your mood. Lighting is divided into two categories: stage lighting and floor lighting. It’s also a decorative element that’s being used more and more, offering a creative outlet that often distinguishes one company from another.

It’s also a decorative element that’s being used more and more, offering a creative outlet that often distinguishes one company from another.

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Great service! This is what we want in a music instrument store!

Jerome Frederic Bouchard
Jerome Frederic Bouchard

Friendly and pressure-free service, with great advice! We left with a ukulele that was perfectly suited to our needs and competitively priced.

Nadyn Paquin
Nadyn Paquin

The only music store for miles, so take advantage of it! Excellent service and standard/popular products. I recommend it.

Wilson Hanley
Wilson Hanley
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