PRS – Mark Tremonti Signature MT 15 tube amplifier head


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Mark Tremonti Signature MT 15 tube amplifier head

15/7 Watts (switchable) | 2 channels 6L6 | Power tubes

The MT 15 is an imposing two-channel amp with balanced aggression and articulation. Powered by 6L6 tubes, the MT 15 has a big, bold sound, allowing you to dig deep into rhythms as well as get lilting lead tones from a single amp. Whether you’re recording, rehearsing, writing or playing in a small room, this amp has everything you need.

The MT 15’s design started with heavier players in mind, but in the end it has a lot to offer players of all genres. Like the Archon PRS amplifier, the MT 15 has five gain stages before the Master for full, lush distortion. The gain channel offers a big, massive sound with very tight bass, but it never loses its articulate note definition or its excellent lead sound. The clear channel is bright and chiming, perfect for chords and finger picking, with or without picks. The clean channel also features a push/pull boost control that adds a little overdrive for an old-school crunch. Whichever sound you choose, the MT 15 remains balanced across the spectrum with a smooth, mellow sound that won’t pull your head off.

Additional features include an effects loop and bias adjusters accessible from the rear panel for easy servicing. Despite its 15 watts, the MT 15 sounds more like a 50, so a half-power switch that brings the MT down to 7 watts is a welcome addition. In short, the sheer quantity of features, the breadth of sound and the raw power of the circuit make the MT 15 an impressive hero.

The MT 15 is Mark Tremonti’s first amplifier.


Power (nominal): 15/7 (switchable)
Channels: 2
Gain channel: Gain, Master, Treble, Mid, Bass
Clear channel: Volume, treble (with attenuation), midrange, bass
Global: Presence, channel switch, standby, power.


Input: Fused power supply input (IEC)
Effects loop: Return loop, send loop
Bias: Fixed, adjustable bias (bias sockets accessible from rear panel)


Power tubes: 2x 5881
Preamp tubes: 6x JJ EC83S


Amplifier width: 14
Amp depth: 8
Amp height: 7.25″ (with feet)
Amp weight: 17.8 lbs


Accessories included: 1-button footswitch (channel gain/cleaning), amplifier cover



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