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PRS – HDRX 20 tube head amp, 20 Watts


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HDRX 20 tube head amp, 20 WATTS

The HDRX 20 from PRS captures the flexibility, power and balance of the British-inspired sound of the late 60s in a lower power package. The HDRX 20 features a newly documented ‘Authentic Hendrix’ touring circuit. This circuit is heavily inspired by one of Hendrix’s personal amps, supposedly used at Woodstock, which Paul Reed Smith and PRS amp designer Doug Sewell were able to study in 2018. Designed to push the highs so that they are very clear, but not so much that they are harsh, this head shines without being dazzling and allows a dynamism that can be toned down for soft tones.

The HDRX 20 from PRS is powered by two 5881 power tubes. Chosen for their low power, small size and organic voice, the 5881 tubes provide a thick but articulate sound that drives well and breaks up beautifully in this low-power amp. The PRS HDRX 20 features a 3-band TMB tone stack, 2-position Bright switch, mid-treble gain switch and presence controls. These features reflect the historic amp and give guitarists greater flexibility and control over their sound.

The PRS HDRX 20 is also designed with internally joined channels with individual volume controls for treble and bass. This eliminates the need for a jumper cable (historically used on the outside of the amp) and allows guitarists to more easily dial in their distortion level and tone by mixing the individual volume controls of the Lead and Bass channels, bringing a more modern convenience to the amp. The addition of a master volume control on this head, a new feature for HDRX amps, is another modern convenience. Guitarists can use the master volume to control the power amp section of the HDRX, making it more user-friendly for people who don’t want to add a volume control to their setup.


– 2 power tubes 5881
– 3-band TMB tone stack
– Bright 2-position switch
– Mid-treble gain switch and presence adjustment
– Internally joined channels with individual volume controls for treble and bass
– Master volume control


Electronic system
Power: 20


– Power tubes: 5881
– Preamp tubes: Three 12AX7
– Preamp positions: V1: input, V2: controlled cathode, V3: phase inverter

Front panel settings:

– Channel 1 – settings: Bass volume
– Channel 2 – settings: Treble volume, Bright (off/on)
– Common settings : Presence, master volume, bass, midrange, treble, mid-treble gain (off/on)

Rear panel:

– Input: IEC with integrated fuse
– Resistor output/configuration/selection: 2 x 4, 2 x 8, 1 x 16
– Polarisation: Adjustable (polarisation sockets for return accessible and adjustment potentiometer)
– Channels: 2, internally joined
– Fuse holder B+: T500 mAL/500 V fuse


– Cabinet: Black Tolex
– Border: Black
– Trim panel: Black Tolex


– Width: 43.82 cm (17.25 in)
– Depth: 22.86 cm (9 in)
– Height: 22.86 cm (9 in)
– Weight: 12.52 kg (27.6 lb)



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