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Yamaha Brands, the history of Yamaha instruments is a true epic in the world of music. Founded in 1887 by Torakusu Yamaha in Japan, the company embarked on its journey by dedicating itself to the manufacturing of organs and pianos, already emphasizing its commitment to quality and precision. Over the decades, Yamaha has continued to innovate and diversify its product range to include a wide selection of musical instruments, from pianos to guitars, as well as electronic keyboards and electronic drums.
The company has always been at the forefront of technological innovation, introducing advancements such as digital pianos and synthesizers, thereby redefining the standards of the music industry. Today, Yamaha is globally recognized for its quality, reliability, and dedication to music, while offering a diverse range of instruments that continue to inspire musicians around the world.
Yamaha Products: The history of Yamaha instruments also reflects a profound commitment to music education. The company has developed music learning programs, music schools, and initiatives aimed at encouraging music practice at all levels. Yamaha has managed to create a strong bond between amateur musicians, educators, and music professionals, thereby contributing to the enrichment of global musical culture.
With decades of innovation and excellence, Yamaha remains an icon in the music industry, providing top-quality instruments that continue to inspire and excite artists and music enthusiasts worldwide.

Yamaha | Revstar Standard RSS20 | Guitar Sound Samples – Overdrive

The electric guitars in the Revstar Standard series are equipped with chambered bodies, crafted using our Acoustic Design process, to sculpt the sound and enhance resonance.

The RSS20 model and its left-handed version, the RSS20L, feature specially designed Alnico V humbucker pickups, along with a five-position selector that enhances their versatility. Positions 2 and 4 slightly delay one of the pickups, creating a subtle phase shift and providing a fresh interpretation of classic ‘in-between’ sounds.



In addition to that, the Revstar Standard guitars feature an all-new Focus Switch. It’s a passive boost activated by a push/pull switch on the tone control, allowing for smoother highs while increasing the lows and mids.

Yamaha on the web

The official website of Yamaha is: https://www.yamaha.com/

Yamaha also has a presence on social media:Facebook Yamaha : https://www.facebook.com/Yamaha/ Twitter Yamaha : https://twitter.com/YamahaMusicUSA

Yamaha YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/YamahaCorpUS Yamaha Instagram Account: https://www.instagram.com/yamahamusicusa/

Online purchase of musical instruments – Yamaha | Metronomie

Buying a Yamaha at Metronomie, the music and instrument store in Montreal, guarantees you’ll get an exceptionally high-quality instrument, favored by many renowned guitarists worldwide. Discover our extensive selection of Yamaha brand guitars, basses, amplifiers, and musical instruments, and find the one that perfectly suits your musical style.

Trust Metronomie to provide an unparalleled musical experience.

The Guitars, Basses, and Amplifiers – Musical Instruments

Mythical Yamaha


Yamaha Pacifica :The Pacifica series is a versatile range of electric guitars appreciated for their build quality and excellent value for money It is popular among beginner and intermediate musicians.

Yamaha SG : The Yamaha SG series is famous for its solid-body electric guitars. It has been used by guitarists like Carlos Santana and Robben Ford.”

Yamaha LL : The LL series represents Yamaha’s acoustic guitars, known for their rich and balanced sound. Artists like Bob Marley have used Yamaha acoustic guitars.

Mythical Yamaha Basses

Yamaha BB Series : The Yamaha BB series is a popular range of electric basses that offer great sound versatility. Renowned bassists like Nathan East and Billy Sheehan have used Yamaha BB basses.

Other iconic Yamaha instruments

Yamaha DX7 :The Yamaha DX7 is an iconic synthesizer from the 1980s, known for its digital synthesizer sounds. It was used by many artists from that era.

Yamaha CP80 : The Yamaha CP80 is an electric piano famous for its use in the 1970s and 1980s, including by bands like The Rolling Stones.

Yamaha Motif : The Yamaha Motif series is a range of music workstations and synthesizers widely used by musicians of all genres.

It’s worth noting that Yamaha offers a diverse range of musical instruments, from pianos to synthesizers to electronic drums, and has been used by a multitude of musicians worldwide in various musical genres.. Yamaha instruments continue to inspire many contemporary artists.

The Best Music Store in Canada with an Exceptional Selection of Yamaha Instruments

Metronomie: The best music and instrument store in Canada, located in Rimouski, with a branch in Rivière-du-Loup, in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region, offers its services throughout the province of Quebec. Discover our incredible selection of instruments from the Yamaha brand, including our high-quality acoustic guitars, among other exceptional choices.

Trust Metronomie to find the perfect musical instrument.

Frequently Asked Questions from our Customers About the Products and Services Offered by Metronomie

Why should I buy a Yamaha guitar at Métronomie?

Buying a Yamaha guitar at Métronomie guarantees you’ll get authentic and top-quality instruments

What are the advantages of buying a Yamaha guitar over other brands?

Yamaha guitars are known for their exceptional sound, quality craftsmanship, and rich musical heritage.

Does Métronomie offer a wide selection of Yamaha guitars?

Yes, Métronomie offers a wide selection of Yamaha guitars, covering different models and styles to meet the needs of every musician.

Does Métronomie offer tuning and maintenance services for purchased Yamaha guitars?

Yes, Métronomie offers professional tuning and maintenance services for Yamaha guitars to ensure optimal performance.”

Does Métronomie offer financing options for purchasing a Yamaha guitar?

Yes, Métronomie offers flexible financing options to make purchasing a Yamaha guitar easier.

Does Métronomie offer a warranty on sold Yamaha guitars?

Yes, Métronomie offers a warranty on Yamaha guitars to ensure customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

Does Métronomie have expert advisors who can guide me in choosing a Yamaha guitar?

Yes, Métronomie’s expert advisors are here to help you choose the Yamaha guitar that best suits your needs and musical style.”

Yes, Métronomie regularly organizes events and demonstrations to allow musicians to discover and try out Yamaha guitars in a friendly and professional environment.

Yes, Métronomie regularly organizes events and demonstrations to allow musicians to discover and try Yamaha guitars in a friendly and professional setting.

Métronomie offers online sales of all our musical instruments (guitars, amps, pianos, percussion instruments, wind instruments, violins, etc.) as well as all our sheet music and accessories.
Our specialists have one goal: to satisfy you
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