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YAMAHA – Digital Piano CLP-745 PE, Polished Black 88 notes with bench and 3 pedals


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GrandTouch-S™ mechanics with wooden keys.

Take advantage of the state-of-the-art GrandTouch keyboard, offering grand-piano performance capabilities. This gives you perfect communion with the instrument, allowing you to control even the most subtle nuances. Even the sensation perceived by the pianist at the end of the key when the hammer bounces off the string is reproduced to perfection. The white keys, covered in synthetic ivory, and the black keys, made from synthetic ebony, have tactile sensations identical to those of grand pianos and absorb perspiration, so you can play for hours on end.

The CLP-745’s GrandTouch-S keyboard features keys made from wood using traditional Yamaha techniques. As with grand piano keyboards, solid wood is made from the finest, well-dried planks of wood, making the keys much more resistant to warping than laminated wood keyboards. Their wooden texture and structure make them ideal for playing.

Clavinova exhaust mechanism
The escapement mechanism on a grand piano frees the hammers from the rest of the action, so that they can bounce away from the strings after they have been struck, avoiding any interference with the vibration of the strings. This mechanism produces a slight resistance when the keys are pressed gently.

The Clavinova features this escapement mechanism, which reproduces the sensation perceived when the key reaches the end of its travel. It’s designed so that any slight resistance is only felt when the keys are gently depressed, giving you the same feeling as a real grand piano. The keyboards have been adjusted to provide extra friction that balances the repetition of notes without hampering performance.

Design philosophy
Clavinova pianos offer exceptional playing quality and a host of functions. They are designed to offer a refined design that combines compactness with modern aesthetics, setting the standard for today’s pianos. At the heart of the Clavinova concept are the sensations experienced by the pianist when seated in front of a Clavinova piano. Unnecessary elements are removed from the musician’s field of vision to recreate the atmosphere he or she usually perceives when sitting in front of an acoustic piano. This is Yamaha’s ambition to satisfy players who practise on Clavinova and also play grand pianos – they are able to switch from one to the other without any apprehension because everything seems identical in every respect. A Clavinova piano must also fit in perfectly with the musician’s living space. That’s why we offer a wide range of finishes.

Features :
– 88 touches
– Clavier Grand Touch-STM
– Key surfaces in synthetic ivory and ebony
– Pressure point simulation
– Samples of CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial grand pianos
– 2 pianoforte sounds
– Virtual modelling of extended resonance
– Effet Smooth Release
– Effet Key-Off
– 256-voice polyphony
– 38 sounds
– Modes: Dual, Split, Duo Voice
– Song presets: 21 Voice demos, 50 Piano demos, 303 practice exercises
– 20 rythmes
– 16-track recording
– USB audio recorder (WAV)
– LCD screen (128 x 64 pixels)
– Bluetooth audio/MIDI
– 3 pedals
– MIDI In/Out/Thru
– USB to Host
– USB to Device
– 2 headphone outputs
– L/L+R, R stereo Aux outputs
– Aux input on stereo mini jack
– Loudspeaker system: 2 x 50 Watt
– Includes: lectern, headphone stand and PA.500C power supply unit
– Dimensions: 1461 x 459 x 1096 mm
– Weight: 60 kg
– Finish: Black lacquer



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